Sheger Projects

Beautifying Sheger is a project sponsored by the Ethiopian government that aims to clean rivers and create public works in the capital city, Addis Ababa. It was launched on 27 February 2019 under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and aims to run for three years .


Unity Park

Unity Park located within the National Palace of Ethiopia , embodies generational legacy of Ethiopia And Ethiopians.Prime minster Dr Abiy has announced that The park will be open to the public as of October 11, following the October 10th launch.The National Palace was Built under Emperor Menelik II over a century ago, the Palace rests on 40,000Sqm of land. For generations, it has been viewed as the epicenter of political power, where the most powerful family in the land resides. The renovated compound incorporates several sights of interest to visitors, including an arena, a playground, a zoo,three churches,House of Royals and an imperial banquet hall.


Entoto Park​

Entoto Natural Park is a park of serenity and resounding joy. It’s a unique place to discover the most breathtaking ancient mountain nature with streams flowing from clear springs and waterfalls. The Park lies on the south-eastern slopes of Mt Entoto, between the northern limit of the city of Addis Ababa at an altitude of 2,600 m and the track along the mountain ridge at altitude over 3,100 m.


Dine For ethiopia​

On 16th August this year, Ethiopia’s prosperity initiatives went regional. The ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ programme will mobilise funds for three projects – in Gorgora, Wonchi and Koysha. The new initiative aims to raise 3 billion Birr within two months, when  10-million Birr V-VIP and five-million Birr VIP dinner programmes will be hosted in the first weeks of October. Business and the community at large can buy tickets individually or for their family, or company.